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2-wire HART transmitter


  • 1- or 2-channel converter for RTD, TC, Ohm, and bipolar mV signals
  • 2 analogue inputs and 5 device variables with status available
  • HART protocol revision selectable from HART 5 or HART 7
  • Hardware assessed for use in SIL applications
  • Mounting on a DIN rail in Safe Area or Zone 2/22
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  2. Technical details +

  3. Accessories +


  • Linearized temperature measurement with TC and RTD sensors e.g. Pt100 and Ni100.
  • HART communication and 4...20 mA analog PV output for individual, difference or average temperature measurement of up to two RTD or TC input sensors.
  • Conversion of linear resistance to a standard analog current signal, e.g from valves or Ohmic level sensors.
  • Amplification of bipolar mV signals to standard 4...20 mA current signals.
  • Up to 63 transmitters (HART 7) can be connected in a multidrop communication setup.

Technical characteristics

  • HART protocol revision can be changed by user configuration to either HART 5 or HART 7 protocol.
  • The HART 7 protocol offers:
    ∙ Long Tag numbers of up to 32 characters.
    ∙ Enhanced Burst Mode and Event notification with time stamping.
    ∙ Device variable and status mapping to any dynamic variable PV, SV, TV or QV.
    ∙ Process signal trend measurement with logs and summary data.
    ∙ Automatic event notification with time stamps.
    ∙ Command aggregation for higher communication efficiency.
  • 6337A is designed according to strict safety requirements and is therefore suitable for applications in SIL installations.
  • Continuous check of vital stored data.
  • Meeting the NAMUR NE21 recommendations, the 6337A HART transmitter ensures top measurement performance in harsh EMC environments. Additionally, the 6337A meets NAMUR NE43 and NE89 recommendations.

Mounting / installation

  • DIN rail mounting with up to 84 channels per meter.
  • Configuration via standard HART communication interfaces or by PR 5909 Loop Link.

Environmental Conditions

  • Operating temperature

    -40°C to +85°C

  • Storage temperature

    -40°C to +85°C

  • Calibration temperature


  • Relative humidity

    < 95% RH (non-cond.)

  • Protection degree


Mechanical specifications

  • Dimensions (HxWxD)

    109 x 23.5 x 104 mm

  • Weight (1 / 2 channels)

    150 / 200 g

  • DIN rail type

    DIN EN 60715/35 mm

  • Wire size

    0.13...2.08 mm2 AWG 26...14 stranded wire

  • Screw terminal torque

    0.5 Nm

Common specifications

  • Supply

  • Supply voltage

    8.0...35 VDC

  • Isolation voltage

  • Isolation voltage, test / working

    1.5 kVAC / 50 VAC

  • Response time

  • Response time (programmable)

    1...60 s

  • Voltage drop

    8.0 VDC

  • Signal / noise ratio

    > 60 dB

  • Accuracy

    Better than 0.05% of selected range

  • EMC immunity influence

    < ±0.1% of span

  • Extended EMC immunity: NAMUR NE21, A criterion, burst

    < ±1% of span

Input specifications

  • Common input specifications

  • Max. offset

    50% of selected max. value

  • RTD input

  • RTD type

    Pt50/100/200/500/1000; Ni50/100/120/1000

  • Cable resistance per wire

    5 Ω (up to 50 Ω per wire is possible with reduced measurement accuracy)

  • Sensor current

    Nom. 0.2 mA

  • Linear resistance input

  • Linear resistance min....max.

    0 Ω...7000 Ω

  • TC input

  • Thermocouple type

    B, E, J, K, L, N, R, S, T, U, W3, W5

  • Cold junction compensation (CJC)

    Constant, internal or external via a Pt100 or Ni100 sensor

  • Voltage input

  • Measurement range

    -800...+800 mV

  • Min. measurement range (span)

    2.5 mV

  • Input resistance

    10 MΩ

Output specifications

  • Current output

  • Signal range

    4…20 mA

  • Min. signal range

    16 mA

  • Load (@ current output)

    ≤ (Vsupply - 8) / 0.023 [Ω]

  • Sensor error indication

    Programmable 3.5…23 mA

  • NAMUR NE43 Upscale/Downscale

    23 mA / 3.5 mA

  • Common output specifications

  • Updating time

    440 ms

  • HART protocol revisions

    HART 7 and HART 5

Observed authority requirements

  • EMC


  • EAC

    TR-CU 020/2011


  • ATEX 2014/34/EU

    KEMA 10ATEX0006 X

  • IECEx

    KEM 10.0084X

  • SIL

    Hardware assessed for use in SIL applications

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